How can I find the balance when planning my day? My week? My month? My life?

Do I plan things in a conservative way so that I don’t burn out? But if I do that, will I ever reach my potential?

Do I plan things in an aggressive way so that I stay busy and reach for the stars? But if I do that, will I burn out fast and end up quitting?

How many times a week can I work out? Three times? Seven times? Fourteen times?

How many words can I write each day? Five hundred? One thousand? Five thousand?

How many books can I read each week? One? Two? Seven? Ten?

How do I combine these goals into the perfect alchemelic formula for gold? One workout, 1/5th a book, and 1,000 words per day? Two workouts, 1/4th a book, and 2,500 words per day?

Where do I put my goals? How do I reach for the stars with a sense of reality?

How can I recognize my own real limits without selling myself short?

How do I handle the disruption that comes each day from work and love and life? How do I stop being five-minutes off schedule from snowballing into an hour and then surrender?

What weight do I give each day to physical health and creative pursuits and time with my partner? Does the weight change each day or week or month?

How the fuck do I balance?

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