Begin Again, Again

It was only a few weeks ago that I mapped out a 3-month plan with a variety of fitness, financial, and other goals. I was pumped and ready. I was going to finish off my 37th year since birth strong as fuck. But, as is often (always) the case, things didn’t work out that way. I struggled to get things started or meet my early goals and then Hurricane Florence kicked me out of my home city for a couple weeks.

So, here I am, almost four weeks into my new plan and my progress is basically zero. There is really only one thing to do.

Begin again.

Probably the most important concept that I’ve retained from my on-again, off-again, always-a-struggle meditation practice is the idea that you are successful as long as you begin again. So, I will begin again, hopefully a little bit wiser and a little better prepared.

Last time I set goals for myself I was way too damn ambitious. I set goals like I was at my strongest instead of where I actually was. It was basically like a marathon runner taking months off of training and then deciding to pick up where they left off. Of course I struggled, of course I became discouraged, I was planning for someone that no longer existed.

This time, I hope I am setting better goals. Specifically, I’m getting back to basics and focusing on habit building instead of quantity. I have two daily goals for the next four weeks: meditate every day and run every day. If I meditate for one minute every day then I am 100% successful and if I run 1/2 a mile every day then I am 100% successful. I’m going to try to do more than that but some days I might be able to muster little more than a half-ass jog to the end of the block and 60 seconds of trying to count my breaths.

Besides those, I have two weekly goals that include doing yoga once and participating in a group/social exercise at least once. I’m even allowing myself to count both of those in one session if I do a group yoga session. I think these goals are manageable and next month I can start thinking of adding something new (maybe intermittent fasting or lifting weights) or adding a quantity goal for meditation and running.

Really, I just need to realize that there is no rush. It is better to succeed at slow progress than give up on large goals. This is something I struggle with in all areas of my life, I want things to happen quickly, I’m anxious to be active and accomplish things and I overwhelm myself. I set myself up for failure.

Hopefully, not this time but if I do fail then I will simply begin again.

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