Bookending My Day

I’m constantly trying to improve my habits and get the most out of life. When my partner and I decided to stop our nomadic lifestyle and live in Wilmington I basically had no habits for dealing with “normal” life. That clean slate was good, in a way, but it also meant that I had no idea what I was doing. Still today, almost two years later, my ability to build habits that will help me reach my goals is still in its infancy.

For me, the key to accomplishing what I want is using the time in my life wisely. We all have 24 hours in a day (obvi) and I realized that I was wasting much of this precious life by focusing on the wrong things and inefficiently approaching the right things. So, I know what I should do… alas, reality is much more difficult.

During a perfect day, my life would be broken down into four sections: Morning Habits, The Day, Evening Habits, and Sleep. Morning and Evening Habits involve the work I’m doing to improve myself. During this time I would journal, meditate, exercise, write, read, take online classes, record podcast episodes, plan The Day, etc. This is my time to start and end the day on a strong path. It is 1/3 of my day when I am focused on becoming, creating, and consuming the things I want. My life, my potential, my future is built during these hours. This is my general daily plan, which I often fail at:

Then, throughout The Day, I would take care of necessary business. When my partner is at work that means working but it can also mean cleaning the house, taking care of the yard, running errands, and any other responsibilities I may have. When my partner is home this The Day turns into hanging out, going on dates, exploring Wilmington, etc. Lastly, I would get around 7-8 hours of sleep between around 10pm and 5:30am. Here is a perfect day:




But, as can be expected, there is no perfect day. I wake up late, slack on my morning routine and try to make it up later in the day, I get distracted, stay up too late, and neglect my evening habits. A real day looks like this:


But, I’m going to keep trucking on. I’m going to keep trying new techniques and sticking with ones that have worked. I’ll build and rebuilt systems that push me closer to success, forever refining the process. And, maybe most importantly, I’m not going to be hard on myself when I backslide. Maybe I fuck up one day or maybe one year, as long as I keep coming back and trying then I am on my way to success. The perfect day is impossible, there is always room for improvement, and perfection isn’t really the goal I seek to attain (again, because that’s impossible). The goal is to keep trying, growing, and testing myself to see what my potential is. If I do that, then I will have had a good life.

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