Carry Your Tools

Our ideas, our creativity, our skills, our passions are all worthless if we do not carry with us the tools to use them. They will continue to be nothing but passing thoughts and dreams if we don’t make something concrete out of them. And the first step to creation is recording.

I try and always carry a pen and small pad of paper with me. This simple act allows me to record things I want to blog about or stories I’d like to write or phone calls I need to make or things to buy at the store. For example, one page of my notebook says:

  • Call Dr. 9/26
  • Blog – Keep notepad w/ you
  • Pg 17/18 Blog
  • Air freshener
  • Search “Georgia” and “Hinesville”
  • Subscribe and Save
  • Get bees
  • Magic particle charge? unique element?

Of course, I don’t always follow through with these notes. I have pages littered with blog post ideas that I have not written. My follow-through is probably close to 5%, but that is better than the 0% it would be if I didn’t record my thoughts.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned or something, but I prefer a pen and paper over using my phone to record thoughts and ideas. My phone turns into a distraction for me too easily and I am way less likely to review my notes on my phone, but when I pull a notepad out of my pocket after getting home it is a reminder to turn written words into action. I guess that is really what writing things down is, it is the middle ground between thought and creation. An idea needs to be recorded in order to be manifested, and manifested ideas are necessary to improve the world.

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