Each Morning

I used to turn off my alarm on “days off” and sleep in, but at some point, I stopped doing that. Now, my alarm goes off at 6:15 am Sunday-Saturday. Sometimes I hit the snooze button a couple of times, particularly if the night before was a long one, but generally I pull myself away from my partner’s warm body and get the day started early.

In the last couple years, there has been a slow shift in how I view the world and my time. This shift was almost certainly started by (or at least accelerated by) the two-year bicycle ride I was on but it has continued into my more traditional life here in Wilmington. When I was on the bike ride there were no days off because my job was to live life to the fullest. My schedule was not determined by a paid job, it was determined by the sun and weather and geography. It would have been easy to slip back into the

After we stopped in Wilmington tt would have been easy to slip back into the compartmentalized world that I left in Los Angeles. My schedule could have been defined by my job, but I think that would have been a mistake. As a human, I get no days off because my true job is to live a good life to the fullest. How I make money is certainly part of that, but it isn’t the most important part, it is simply something that must be accomplished like gardening, writing, socializing with friends, travel, and pleasure.

We each get 24 hours during the day to live life and it seems a waste to spend it sleeping. Sleeping is enjoyable, but its primary function is to restore our bodies so that we can accomplish other things. It is much like food in that way, a necessity that can become unhealthy when overused. I don’t remember what night last week was the most enjoyable, but I remember a great cup of coffee watching the sun rise over the woods in my backyard or having time to play with my dog or sitting on the porch reading a book or writing a blog post.

Life is rarely lived between the sheets (with a couple of notable and highly enjoyable exceptions). I am not a morning person, it takes effort to rise each day, but I am always grateful for it. When I look at the clock and it is 8am and I have already accomplished things it feels good, and it feels even better to know that I have an entire day ahead of me to take advantage of. Our lives are more than how we measure the day or week or month. Each day is a holiday if we let it be, an opportunity for celebration and joy, and an opportunity to get going with our most important work: living life to the fullest. And that means waking up.

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