For the Love of Life

The foundation of my politics (libertarian anarchist feminist), philosophy (apatheist pagan stoic hedonist vegan), and personal practices (adventurer psychonaut) are all united by one factor, my love of life. Not only life, but a life fully lived.

I stand against those who would suppress life. Whether they be kings, presidents, priests, or bigots.

I stand up for an individual’s right to pursue a life that they love as long as it does others no harm. Whether they be conservative, liberal, polyamorous, or straight-edge.

In my own life, I seek to expand my consciousness through travel, love, and drug.

My life is a love of life, which is why I exercise. To love life but to treat my body poorly with unhealthy food, lack of exercise, and neglecting my mental health would be a hypocrite when I have access to the knowledge and means to have these things.

I will never control all aspects of my health, but my health (and thus, my life) is not something that is completely outside the realm of my control, despite what the ancient Stoics thought. Health is linked to behavior, not only in quantity but quality.

I’m far from perfect (obvi), but recognizing the simple fact that to truly love and support life means starting with personal responsibility for my own life, to work to make myself strong and capable and healthy. Not only will this allow me to go on the adventures I want and live a longer life, it means I am respecting and loving the life of others. By taking care of myself I am doing my best to minimize the harm I cause others.

Neglecting my health means others step in to take care of me, whether that support comes from the state or from family and friends is irrelevant. In the end years of my life I will be dependent on others and if I truly love life then I must work to minimize that dependence. There is evidence showing what practices prolong quality and quantity of life, and most of them are available to us regardless of economic or social class.

I love life. Which means:

  • I fight oppression
  • I strive for equality
  • I seek to minimize harm to all living creatures
  • I seek to preserve a healthy environment
  • I volunteer in my community

I love life. Which also means:

  • going for a run
  • lifting weights
  • staying active
  • eating a whole foods, plant-based diet
  • meditating
  • reading
  • writing
  • fasting
  • cutting out unhealthy practices
  • traveling
  • expanding my consciousness
  • not wasting time
  • drinking water
  • sleeping well
  • see a doctor
  • test my own blood
  • take nootropics
  • track my micronutrients
  • building social relationships


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Also, I wrote a book about a cross-country bicycle ride I did!
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