Going Deep (Not a Blog Post About Sex)

I’m reading “Deep Work” by Cal Newport right now and I’ve come to a pretty interesting conclusion about myself: I’ve never really “gone deep”. I have never had periods of uninterrupted focus and work on a project or to develop a skill. I’ve never studied, written, or thought about something without interruption for 45 minutes, much less hours. And, of course, this makes me want to try.

I’m not sure what area of my life to give a trial run to in order to develop this skill. I’ll probably start small(ish) with one hour where I shut the door, turn off the phone, and unplug the internet; and then build up this skill from there.

But what should I work on?

My first instinct is to work on Work (as in, what I get paid to do), but I don’t think that is a good first run. I don’t currently have any projects that really lend themselves to deep work right now.

Writing is also near the top of the list, and probably will be the one I go with. I am most likely to develop a flow feeling while writing and I also have a hard time getting going, which some uninterrupted time should help with. But what should I write about? Not a blog post, that is over too quickly. And not something that requires research because I don’t trust myself with the internet. I think that leaves fiction writing, the thing that simultaneously terrifies me and excites me the most. Or maybe I’ll just write some erotica.

I could also work on some sort of skill development like coding, data visualization, a foreign language, musical instrument, or dancing. But, again, this would probably require the internet or a training schedule that I don’t have the base knowledge for. There are also some job and art ideas floating around my head but I haven’t flushed them out yet… though I guess I could use that deep work time to actually flush them out.

So yeah, it is probably going to be writing. Right now, I’ve got it scheduled for 10am on Tuesday. One hour of deep work. Let’s see how this goes…

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