Good and Bad

Today, I went for a run in the rain and it felt glorious. So much of our life is subject to our own perception. Whether something is “good” or “bad” isn’t an objective truth, it is a matter of how we handle it and perceive it. nearly everything can be a learning experience that helps us grow, and nearly everything can be destructive and make our lives worse.

The rain can strengthen us and help us refocus on the beautiful world around us. We become aware of new sensations and can observe them from a new perspective. Or, we can allow the cold and wet to make us miserable or become an excuse to allow our bodies to weaken. It is all in our heads.

Whether it is money, food, possessions, weather, or relationships, our minds shape our experiences and can find growth in nearly everything. We are not slaves to our emotions or our brains, they are tools that we can shape to our own will by changing our perception and language. It isn’t a crummy day because crummy connotates negativity, it is simply a day with certain physical attributes that we can find the beauty in and opportunities for growth.

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