“Parody of an angel
Miles above the sea
I hear the voice of reason
Screaming up to me
‘You flew too high, for now you’re too close to the sun
Soon your makeshift wings will come undone’
But how will I know the limits from life if I never try?”
The Melting Point of Wax, Thrice

I always liked the story of Icarus. The idea of taking a risk, soaring high, and experiencing the joy of the moment and seeing just how much you can accomplish fills me with inspiration. I know it is supposed to be a cautionary tale about finding the middle ground between laziness and over-ambition, but I think that is giving it too much credit.

These tales were not bestowed upon us by impartial and perfect gods. They were told by men to others as a means of providing guidance, and that guidance did not always come from a good place. I interpret this differently, the tale is meant to control ambition and keep people (particularly children) docile. It is meant to scare those who would excel, keep the populace from standing up to do what is right or pursue their passions.

Instead of fearing the sun we should all be children of Icarus (Spoiler: I think I’m going to introduce a group of technology anarchists called “The Children of Icarus” in the book I’m working on). We should thrive to cast off the chains of our fathers and push further towards the stars than they ever dreamed. The tale of Icarus falling to his death is just a scare tactic, like Hell or the Boogieman. We should work to show these tales for what they are, an attempt to control people and maintain the status quo.

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