It Started Last Night

It is no surprise that I am someone who is fascinated by human potential and productivity. I read self-help books, experiment with drugs and fasting and practices, I seek guidance from trainers and coaches and therapists. I love the idea of making the most out of this (probably) limited (probably) one life we have. I want myself (and everyone) to figure out what they are truly capable of, to aim for mountains to climb and books to write and children to raise.

Out of all the practices for a productive day, I’ve found that the most important one for me starts about 9 hours before my day begins. At night, I try and take some time to prep the next day. My motivation is lowest in the morning, I’m kind of a grouch, and I need to have minimal barriers to productivity before the day begins.

So, the night before I set out my journal and books to read. I put a printed plan of my daily schedule next to my computer (I rarely actually follow that schedule but having that foundation helps). I make coffee the night before and I set out my running shoes, shorts, and socks. If there is anything I need to download (podcasts, books, songs) or a run route I need to plan then I get that in my phone before I go to bed.

Also, I clean. A cluttered home and workplace puts me in a funky headspace in the morning. I pick up the house, do the dishes, put away the laundry, and clean off the table. I make sure my computer desktop is cleaned up, browsers clear, and programs closed. The only exception is I open a single browser with Asana open with my planned tasks of the day.

Then, with the house and life set up, I lay down in bed and run through a short mantra. This may sound corny, but it works for me. The mind is a powerful thing. I lay in bed and think to myself “I am thankful for this day and thankful for the rest I’m about to receive. My body is an amazing machine and the upcoming X hours of sleep will be enough to restore me. I will wake ready for another amazing day.” Now that I’m waking at 5am I am usually only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep, but since starting this practice I really haven’t felt that tired in the morning and I wake ready to roll.

Then, after all that work, the day begins. 🙂

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