Linneria 287-III (Part 6)

Now that my first book has been completed I’ve decided to try and write some fiction. This is my first attempt at it. I’m not sure how much I will write every day, but I plan on at writing something for this story every day this week. We shall see how it goes.  (Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5)

*Tara, wake up. There is a problem*

SAMs voice echoed into Tara’s tired mind. She looked at the clock on her console and realized that she had only been asleep for 1.5 days. I’m awake, what’s wrong?

*I’ve detected military troops and aircraft moving into this region. Local news broadcasts are saying that it is a multi-national joint exercise*

Hmm, okay. Did our visitors contact anyone?

*Negative. I detected no transmissions out of their home related to us*

Maybe it is a coincidence. Maybe it really is just a joint military exercise.

*Unlikely. The primary military force is coming from the superpower on the other side of the planet. I’ve searched their databases and there was no mention of a military exercise until yesterday.*

Shit. Well, either this nation-state is being invaded or they are coming for us. 

*It is likely the latter.*

Okay, how long do we have?

*Unknown, but I will be able to provide a 2-hour warning. Would you like me to prepare our weapons?*

The worst case scenario had arrived. Tara could go down fighting, and probably kill hundreds with her superior technology before she ran out of energy or the creatures resorted to atomic weapons, or she could follow Directive 1.

No. There is no fighting our way out of this one. The loss of life would be catastrophic and it would mostly be innocent people. No. I won’t do that. Can we get a message out to the SLC?

*Not for another 14 hours, unless we take control of their satellite.*

Okay, we are going to do that. Take control of the satellite and send all the information we have. If the creatures become hostile or if I must initiate Directive 1 then I want you to send a warning back home. Let our people know that Linneria 287 has hostile creatures and only observation from outside the solar system is advised. Oh, and do your best to cover your tracks. It would be nice if the creatures had no evidence that we were ever here.


The next two hours passed slowly for Tara. She went for a walk outside the ship and thought about home. She always knew that this type of thing could happen but it seemed so unlikely. Death, murder, machines of war, violence… those things didn’t happen anymore. They were simply historical stories, pushed to the dustbin of history such as slavery, racism, monarchism, democracy, capital punishment, and every other violent attempt by one group of people to control another group. But here she was, likely going to die on a planet that looked like home but was so very different, and there was nothing else to be done.

*Tara, I’ve intercepted a coded military transmission. The soldiers will be here in two hours. They have orders to collect any technology or lifeforms, use of deadly force is authorized.*

Okay. I’m going to lay under these large trees for a while. Let me know when they are a few minutes away.

She lay down and smelled the air and found herself awestruck at the beauty around her. The plants and animal sounds were strange and unfamiliar, but there was something about them that comforted her. Life would go on, even if hers would not. She drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face, knowing that she was going to die doing what her species was meant to do: explore.

*They are approaching, would you like to see them?*

She nodded and instantly a projection came out of the craft and cast itself upon the ground. There before her was a live feed from one of the drones that SAM had sent out to scan the area. Three large, black machines flew through the air towards her. She had never seen war machines outside of a museum, they terrified her. She didn’t recognize the craft and she didn’t know what the white “US” lettering meant, but the phallus shaped objects under the wings could only be weapons.

Okay. I guess it is time. SAM, initiate Directive 1. Total time 60 seconds.

Nearly instantly the nanobots in her body released chemicals into her bloodstream. She felt love, euphoria, and peace, as she sat on the snow. The colors of the strange world around her got brighter and she began to giggle for a few final seconds before her life ended, the last voice she heard was SAM singing her a lullaby.

Her nanobots and their cousins that inhabited her ship began breaking down her body and the ship. They made quick work and soon everything was converted into their base elements, and then even the base elements were reduced to electrons, protons, and neutrons. The only evidence that she had ever existed on Linneria 287-III was a small patch of land that was missing some snow, but even that would be smoothed over with the next storm.

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