Little Moments

I got back from a work trip at 7pm tonight and all I wanted to do was zone out. Being productive, fulfilling my commitments to myself, keeping my habits going… that all sounded too exhausting. I wanted pajamas, a bath, maybe some masturbation, and the numbness that comes from zoning out to shows on Netflix that I’ve seen a thousand times.

But, I didn’t do that tonight.

Instead, I got my ass outside and went for a run. My partner and I have a daily Netflix and chill date most nights at around 9pm and I knew that I had limited time to get the things done that I needed to get done. It is always so easy for me to just neglect a day of habit building because I had to travel or work was busy or I have friends coming over or I have too many errands to run. There is always a reason why the day isn’t the perfect one and I should be excused from my commitments to myself.

There’s always tomorrow… until there isn’t.

Memento Mori

So, instead of waiting until tomorrow I made a quick list of what I needed (deserved) to do. Run, yoga, write, read, meditate, and coding. Yes, I can do all that in two hours. It won’t be a lot of each thing, and I won’t be great at any of them, but they will get done.

So, I went for a run. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t fast, but I beat the pavement.

Then, I meditated. It wasn’t long and my headspace was shitty, but I sat.

I followed that up with yoga. It was only 15 minutes and my mind wandered, but I practiced.

I also did some reading. Only a few pages and it was hardly mind-blowing, but I turned those pages.

CodeAcademy got some practice as well. The lesson was quick but there are new skills marinating in my mind.

And now I’m writing. Just word vomiting on the page, but I blogged something again and my daily streak continues.

Sometimes, or maybe even often, greatness isn’t about a result. Sometimes, greatness is just showing up (again and again and again), even when the day is long and shitty and you just want to sit down and lounge.

Day 4 and 5 Update of “Operation: Shut Off Facebook and Become Who You Want to Become”

Mixed results for the last two days. On Sunday I did a pretty good job of prioritizing my habits and eating well while I was at home. My partner and I went to Myrtle Beach to see some friends and because I had a work thing on Monday. Dinner went well but after dinner, we had some drinks while playing board games. My original plan was to go without booze for all of February but I’m rethinking that (or coming up with an excuse). I think I’m going to allow myself up to three light drinks if (and only if) there is an event going on with friends. I’m not going to force myself to have those drinks, but I’ll allow it if I feel like it, particularly if it isn’t beer. I also did a very quick Facebook check on Sunday to see if I had any messages or friend requests or anything urgent. There wasn’t anything of real notice and I felt no urge to scroll or post or anything… which I see as a good sign. I think a weekly check for urgent things may be a new thing I do too.

Monday was uber busy with work stuff, which really put my routine out of my control. I didn’t really get any exercise or walking and my food choices were limited. I did keep my kCals and eating time in check though, which is good. I just wish I would have had more time for some running or getting to the gym. Alas, no day will be perfect.

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