November 14, 2018 – Morning Journaling (My Name)

While running this morning I had an idea and decided to go through with it. To be honest, very few of the important decisions in my life took more than a few minutes to settle on. Marrying Anna, getting a tattoo, quitting my job twice to cycle across the country without any security, joining the Army, buying a house, etc. Adopting Higgins was really the only long-term decision I made after a lot of thought and reflection. I just kind of know whether something will work for me and then go for it or discard it.

So, on the run I decided to change my last name. I’m going to add my maternal grandparents name and I’ll be Peter John Neiger-Reiswig.

You might be wondering why. Well, it really comes down to the importance of my name and family. I was raised equally by my parents but my grandparents also had a profound impact on me. I lived with them much of my life and it feels a little dishonest not to show that influence in my name.

From an extended family perspective I am much more a Reiswig than a Neiger. I don’t know any of my cousins on my father’s side but I’m in regular contact with those on my mother’s side. I didn’t know my grandparents on my father’s side due to death and distance but I lived with my grandparents on my mother’s side.

My life was shaped by the Reiswigs just as much as the Neigers. So, I’m gonna change my name to honor how important both sides of my family were and are to me.

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Also, I wrote a book about a cross-country bicycle ride I did!
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