November 19, 2018 – Morning Journaling (The Professional)

Whoa, has it really been four days since I journaled publicly? Oops.

It has been a really good weekend. Very relaxing. My partner has been petsitting at someone else’s house since Friday and I’ve had some time to kind of recenter myself. We love each other dearly but we are also pretty independent people who are comfortable (and even enjoy) periods apart from each other. We even keep our finances and food separate for the most part.

So, yeah, it has been good to have the house mostly to myself, strengthen some routines, and be a little bit bored. I like having a little boredom, especially on Sunday nights, it makes me excited for the new week to begin.

Today’s reading from “The War of Art” was about treating yourself as a professional or, as Pressfield calls it, becoming “Me, Inc”. When I first read this book about a year ago I was skeptical of this section. I didn’t see how filing some government paperwork would change my view of myself or my work. Government paperwork certainly didn’t change my view on my marriage, why would it here?

I was wrong, though. When I became “Neiger Consulting, LLC” there was a shift. Having a separate email account, bank account, Amazon account, etc for work transactions shifted my mindset into becoming more professional. I have CEO Time every Monday to go over weekly goals and review past performances, I set up quarterly budgets and finances, I am working with a graphic designer to get a logo for business cards and a new website. These acts have slowly helped silence my impostor syndrome, I feel like I am a professional.

Unfortunately, I have struggled to apply this to my writing or other artistic pursuits. Rereading “The War of Art” has really helped me refocus on that. I even started taking a Masterclass put on by Margaret Atwood to provide some guidance and instruction and structure. I’m loving it and already feel like one of the stories in my head is starting to take shape, it is also impacting the RPG, CCG, and Board Games that I’m developing with a friend.

All in all, I feel good about where I’m at this week. I have some solid work ahead of me (it is one of my busiest months as a consultant) and some ideas roming around my head that I’m excited to explore. Oh, and my half-marathon training is going well. I’m almost into the 160 lb range, which is where I tend to feel the healthiest and enjoy the look of my body most.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

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