Sun Kissed Cheeks

My partner and I went to the house we are buying last weekend to check out how much sun different parts of the yard get. The primary reason was to plan our vegetable garden. We learned a lesson or three trying to plant this year and we want to make the necessary adjustments to have a more robust harvest of veggies.

There was a secondary reason for me, though. I wanted to see how much sun different parts of the fenced-in backyard gets. It isn’t a huge space and has a high fence that I thought was going to keep the yard shaded most of the day. Luckily, I was wrong because I want to be able to hang out naked in my yard.

I love being naked outdoors and I miss being able to do that. When I lived in California I had access to clothing-optional beaches, as well as friends who were comfortable being nude together. It wasn’t a sexual thing or something that happened regularly, we all just were comfortable being nude if that was what we preferred.

We have such magical bodies and it is unfortunate that there is so much shame and discomfort around them. We are rarely exposed to nudity except in a sexual context or when we see beautiful people on tv. We have this distorted view of how varied and beautiful we all are. Our bodies are gifts and we should explore them and experience them in every possible way.

Every time I see a friend or “real person” nude it helps desexualize the body and makes me appreciate the great diversity of forms that we can all take. The spastic puritanism and oversexualized American culture has destroyed our ability to have an unbiased and healthy perspective of our own selves. And that is a shame. I love participating in things like the Naked Bike Ride, clothing-optional festivals, pool parties with uninhibited people, etc. It just helps me have a healthier appreciation for my body and a more accurate view of what people are like.

So, I’m excited to have a place with both sunlight and privacy from the outside world (I wish nudity wasn’t that big of a deal publicly but that isn’t the world we live in). Hopefully, in the next month or so I’ll be able to stroll out the door, lay down a towel, and enjoy nature in my natural state.

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