10 Days Without Facebook

I’m interrupting my blog series about “The Raft is Not the Shore: Conversations Toward A Buddhist-Christian Awareness” by Thich Nhat Hanh and Daniel Berrigan to do a quick update on how things are going since I stopped going to Facebook. Well, I mostly stopped going to Facebook. In the last ten days I’ve logged on twice for less than five minutes each to see if I had any new messages. I scanned my notifications to see if there was anything particularly important (there wasn’t) and I didn’t even look at my newsfeed. Facebook is a great way to communicate one-on-one, so I’m checking it weekly to instruct people to email me if they’ve reached out to me that way.

So, how is this little experiment in anti-social networking going? Pretty good, but it isn’t without struggles.

First, the good. I am being WAY more productive. In the last ten days, I have blogged every day, meditated every day, gone on a run every day (for a total of 42 miles), finished reading five books, practiced yoga 8 times, scheduled my first therapist appointment and set up an interview with a possible life coach. I’m also considerably happier, am sleeping better, drinking less, eating better, and communicating better with my partner. I don’t think all these benefits really come from not wasting time on Facebook, I think it is more of a mental thing. I would always feel grumpy, exhausted, and combative when on Facebook, but like any addiction, I kept going back for a little fix, a little dopamine shot. I would scan the timeline hoping to see something, anything of value and then keep scanning because I was sure there must be something worth seeing just down the page. I would read people’s comments and get annoyed, and see news articles that are highlighting all the negative things in the world that are outside of my control. It was truly toxic to me and I am doing much better now that I’ve cut it out.

Now, the bad. I am kind of lonely. A significant part of my social life was online and I don’t really have a lot of friends here. I do miss a lot of the support and intellectual stimulation I got from the private FB groups. My introversion/anxiety/shitty internal dialogue often prevents me from getting into situations where I will make friends or asking my friends if they want to grab a coffee. I think this negative aspect may become something positive though, without my online social fix I am more motivated to be more proactive in the meat-suit world to meet people. I’m going to check out a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or an obstacle course fitness class this week (not sure which one) and I am also really interested in volunteering with the local hospital. Hopefully, I’ll push out of my comfort zone now that I need to find a network to avoid being lonely (working from home has its downsides).

Additionally, Facebook is really the best place to share my writing and thoughts. I don’t think anyone really checks my blog unless I post it on Facebook (which is why I decided to log on in a few minutes and share this post… I understand the irony). If I am series about becoming a writer and creator then I need to act professionally, and that involves a level of advertising that doesn’t come naturally to me. Maybe I can pay someone to log in to my account daily and share my posts or I can somehow use it without getting sucked into the negativity.

Anyway, that’s how my ten days are going. It has been a roaring success and I’m going to stick with it. I’ll probably report back at the end of the month with another update or when I have something professional to announce (hopefully, my podcast series will be done this month).

Until then, please feel free to reach out to me via non-Facebook means (see below).

Much love to you all.

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