Thursday is almost always my least productive day. I seem to get less done, I’m drained of energy, and I am most susceptible to my worst gluttonous habits for food and drink. Focus on work or writing is almost non-existent and I constantly distract myself with mundane tasks instead of what’s important. Whenever my attention is drawn to an urgent email my heart rate quickens and stress chemicals flood my system. Of course, these emails are almost never actually urgent (very few ever are) but they feel urgent.

So, why is it Thursday that is so bad for me? Because a few things collide to create a storm that drains my batteries. Luckily, now that I think I’ve identified some of the culprits I can start to make some changes.

Problem 1:

The first issue is lack of sleep. I play D&D on Wednesday nights until about 11 pm, which means after walking home I am usually in bed around 11:30 but still a little wired. Sleep usually doesn’t come until midnight (and even later if I try to fill the bedtime boredom with email or social networks). Then, the alarm is blaring at 5 am. I’ve been operating really well off of 7 hours of sleep but 5 just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Solution 1:

This is a relatively easy fix, I should wake up at 6 am instead of 5 am. I think that extra hour of sleep will do me wonders and I am sure I can find some time throughout the day to gain an hour. Maybe just a reduction in my writing time or workout time or something. Actually, the working out might not be the issue here because I neglect my workouts most often on Thursday.

Problem 2:

The second issue is the way I handle my weekly blogging schedule. Thursday is when I publish a weekly wrap up, including my fitness results. The problem is that this gives me a sense of completion about the week, and when I’ve mentally finished something I don’t want to jump into something new. I want a period of recovery instead of just going about my day like things are normal. I also am much more likely to go on to Facebook to see if anyone has liked my post. I return to get a little endorphin fix instead of working on my writing and job.

Solution 2:

Again, a relatively easy fix. I think if I push my workout posting schedule until Friday afternoon once work is complete. I am not really someone who has a consistent “week” and “weekend” right now, but I’m becoming more convinced that I need that. I need to be able to shut down after a certain hour each day and after a certain day each week. I’ll still exercise and read and do the things I love, but my work needs to stop. My final blog that wraps up each week should actually come at the end of the week.


So, those are the two issues I’ve identified that may be making Thursday a little rough for me. Hopefully, some minor adjustments will correct this and allow me a full week of productivity and creation.

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