Toronto? or DC?

The last year and a half has started to bring some clarity into what I’d like to spend more of my life doing. Working in therapy has been at the top of the list but I was never really sure which area I’d like to work in. Relationship therapy for LGBT families? Assisting polyamorous and open families navigate that dynamic? Using MDMA to help others deal with trauma? Building a healthy relationship with kinks, fetishes, and sexual desires?

I love them all, but I think my passion is moving a different (sort of) direction… towards death. I think I want to help people have a healthy relationship with death and assist people transition in a peaceful way. The first step towards this is to attend an end-of-life duola training event to get a better understanding of what I might be in for.

Luckily, there are over a dozen training events across North America and I have finally figured out which weekend I can go: May 18-20. My two options are Toronto, Canada or Washington DC. But which one should I choose? Let’s make a pros and cons list…

Toronto Pros:
New city to explore
Likely to be more social because I don’t know anyone
Unlikely that I’ll be back in Toronto again

Toronto Cons:
Travel is more expensive
I won’t know anyone, which may mean I just bunker in my hotel
No opportunity for free room

DC Pros:
Cheaper travel
I know plenty of places that I can sleep
Get to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time (or ever)

DC Cons:
I’ve been here before… a lot, and I don’t really like it
I probably won’t make as many connections with other attendees
I’ll be back here again, probably soon

Actually, when I look at that list it is obvious which one I should choose.

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