Toronto – Part I

Well, I arrived in Toronto yesterday for my End-of-Life Doula training. The training doesn’t actually start until today, but I wanted to give myself some extra time in the city. Besides, I hate feeling rushed.

I’m really glad I gave myself a day or so on the front end. First off, customs and getting from the airport downtown took longer than expected. If I had scheduled my flight to arrive this morning I may not have made it in time. Second, it has been a pretty cool experience exploring the city. I may talk more thoroughly later but here are some things I’ve noticed.

  • These are the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. Aggressive, dangerous, and often distracted. Way worse than both LA and DC. I saw several multi-car accidents on the freeway in the 30 minutes from the airport to downtown. Traffic was backed up, but it wasn’t really that bad. I don’t know why everyone is so aggressive. I actually gave my first 1-star review on Lyft because of it, my driver was dangerous and several times had to slam on the brakes because he was following too close. From watching others on the road that seemed to be standard.
  • In person, people are super nice here when you are in their businesses. People walking around have the standard “I live in a city and am going to mostly stare slightly at the ground” look.
  • The bike and pedestrian trails and paths here are fantastic. There are actual physical barriers to separate motor vehicles from non-motor vehicles.
  • I am torn on having 1-dollar and 2-dollar coins.
  • Visiting a city in a country where my cell phone doesn’t work has been really nice. I walk around and look at art, architecture, and people watch. I got a little bit lost and I feel much more “in the moment”. No texting, email, SnapChat, etc popping up.
  • I’m alone here, which has forced me to get out of my shell a bit. Both times I’ve gone out to eat I end up eating alone and reading a book. I haven’t actually talked to anyone though…
  • I went for a run on Lake Ontario this morning. It was a little bit chilly but I was surprised at how bundled up a lot of people were. I kind of thought they would be more tolerant of the cold than me.
  • Canadians pronounce Mazda differently than in the States.
  • Hulu doesn’t work, but Netflix does.
  • So far, I really dig this city. I’d like to spend more time here.

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