Toronto – Part II

I’m a little bit drunk, so bear with me. First, the carnal things:

  • The lighting in my hotel room is great and my workouts are paying off. As my snapchat friends know (well, those who have consented to nudes) my back and ass look pretty good right now. Getting a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. I’m very satisfied with the results.
  • It is a new experience being in a place where there are two guys and 17 women. Being in an open(ish) relationship means I should be thrilled but I don’t know what other people’s relationships are like (or if they have them) and I’m still introverted as fuck. So, despite my partner’s support for me making out with strangers I’ll probably keep going to bed alone. At least the bed is huge and I can sprawl out naked.
  • Is it weird that I still think about sex and hooking up at a training situation that is focused on death? Probably. Cie l’evye (my french is terrible). Sex (like death) is an important part of life. I can’t turn off my desire to be intimate and curiousity about the look and touch of other people.

Alright, less than carnal stuff.

  • The more I learn about being an End-Of-Life doula the more I feel a calling towards it. How we deal with death in western culture is pretty fucked.
  • My fellow trainees (is that what we are called… maybe we are pre-doulas… or baby doulas…) are all incredible people. The variety is astounding. There are 26-year old college students and 70-year old retirees here. Such a wealth of experience and knowledge and perspective.
  • Drugs are a bonding experience. Once I mentioned my love of MDMA the flood gates opened and many people discussed how psychedelics and such have helped their life.
  • I need and want to write my death plan. It is never too early.
  • Shit… I’m sure there is more… I’ll be back to this later when I’m less intoxicated or horny or alone. Actually, I’ll still write when I’m alone.

PS: I see a lot of red underlines, which means that I misspelled everything. Sorry about that, I hope you can still get the gist of it.


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