Week 1 Progress

I’ve been on my “no Facebook” routine for a week now and I am really quite thrilled with the results. I definitely feel like I have more time and energy, and my productivity has been pretty high. I don’t think FB really took up much time, but the constant fighting, negativity, and news kept my mind in “fight or flight or flee” mode, which isn’t conducive to creation and life improvement.

I’ve been fairly busy with work but I’ve managed to meditate every day, run every day, and hit the gym three times. I also stuck with my nutrition goals except for one “cheat day” that I allowed myself when my partner and I visited some friends. I also finished one book and will probably wrap another one up today or tomorrow. My podcast is also coming along nicely and I’ve been consistently working with Codecademy to learn to code. All that sounds great but it is difficult to truly measure progress without some objective measures. So, here are some of those with regards to my fitness goals (reminder: I generally feel healthiest around 155-160 lbs and 15%-17% body fat). But first, some photos… not a lot of visual progress but I feel like my waist looks a little slimmer. I also continue to look miserable in my pictures, maybe I’ll have my partner take pics in the future so that I can get a better angle.

Pre-Photo:                                           Week 1 Photo:









Pre Weight – 187.5 lbs
Week 1 – 177.5 lbs
Change – -10lbs
(This is mostly water weight, glycogen, and an improved digestive tract. I am aiming for only 1-2lbs fat loss per week)

Pre Waist – 37.75 inches
Week 1 – 36 inches
Change – -1.75 inches
(Again, mostly just bloating and water weight in response to not having a shitty beer and salt filled diet)

So, that’s where I stand now. I’ll update again next week whether it is good, bad, or ugly.

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Feel free to reach out at any of the ways below while I take a Facebook break!

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Also, I wrote a book about a cross-country bicycle ride I did!
“Wandering Oak: A Rite of Passage”

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