Week 3 Progress

This week was a little rough. I was good all the way until after the run on Saturday and then my motivation started to tank. I think it is a combination of things. First, I’ve been in the new routine for about 20 days and I’m past the exciting stage. Second, I have a hard work deadline this week that has been adding stress (more on that below). Lastly, now that my 9-mile trail run is over I need a new upcoming goal… luckily, I have one at the end of next month which will require some training.

So, in the spirit of my post on Sunday I’m going to start mixing the mundane and intimate.

  • Tentatively and cautiously, I’m going to start logging onto Facebook daily with the sole intention of checking three personal groups, my messages, and to share my blogging. If this practice turns into a distraction then I’m going to go cold turkey again.
  • This week I’ve only been able to hit the gym once and only ran a handful of short runs. I have a deadline this week that has been taking a lot of time and stressing me out and, unfortunately, yesterday I backslide and turned to food. It didn’t really help (it never really does).
  • My daily journaling has become really therapeutic to me. I didn’t think writing down my (mostly) mundane details of my day would be beneficial but it has been.
  • At D&D my character (Gory)  got swallowed by a giant fire centipede thing and was almost digested to death. He always rushes into combat a little recklessly and rarely does that much damage, at least the rest of my party (who are mostly pretty squishy) stay safe while I distract the baddies. He also almost got squished by a boulder and tried to climb a statue of a Giant god and steal a weapon, much to the annoyance of our Frost Giant ally.
  • I had a much-needed massage on Tuesday. It was super relaxing and therapeutic. I wish I could have got myself into a more present headspace though, I kept thinking about work and house hunting. It was hard to be in the moment.
  • Also, I’m interested in going back to school for massage therapy again. This happens every year or two, but this time I’m actually in a stable financial position to give it a try. I have some reservations though.
  • I volunteered to head the Marketing Committee for the Cape Fear Community Land Trust. CFCLT is a non-profit that I volunteer for that helps low-income residents with affordable housing in the area. I feel like I’m in over my head a bit but the whole board of directors is supportive.
  • Anna and I put in another offer on a house this week. Like a previous offer, it sounds like we have a lot of competition and someone is driving in from Charlotte with cash… so we may be fucked. It sucks, we can’t seem to find a house that is both in our price range, in good enough condition to pass a VA inspection, and have just a few of the things we are looking for in a home.
  • I’m currently reading “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “Time Travel: A History”, “Deep Work”, and slowly working through “Getting Bi”.
  • Our new kitten is freaking hilarious and I find him infinitely distracting.
  • I’ve started experimenting with fasting more and did a 42-hour fast this week that went really well. I think I’m going to implement one every week or so and stick with my 8/16 (or 4/20) eating window.
  • I started a fantasy world-building writing project in the last few days that I’m actually really excited about and enjoying. It has been a while since I had that kind of love of writing. I don’t know what it’ll turn into yet, but it feels good.

As far as physical fitness progress goes, things slowed down a little this week but I’m still on the right track. Hopefully, next week I can be a little more focused on health and fitness because I shouldn’t have a heavy workload. No major changes to my weight but I am starting to notice some more muscle definition, particularly in my back and shoulders (the pictures don’t really show it that well, but my love handles and terrible posture are out in full force)

Beginning – 187.5 lbs
Week 1 – 177.5 lbs
Week 2 – 176.4 lbs
Week 3 – 175.8 lbs
Total Loss – 11.7 lbs
Weekly Loss – 0.6 lbs

Waist Measurements:
Beginning – 37.75 inches
Week 1 – 36 inches
Week 2 – 36 inches
Week 3 – 35.5 inches
Total Loss – 2.25 inches
Weekly Loss – 0.5 inches

               Week 3                                                   Beginning

























I’m pretty happy with my progress, even if it has slowed a bit. Each day has been in the right direction, sometimes the progress is slow but it is still trending towards health and fitness.

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