Week 7 Update

In keeping with my pursuit of deeper conversations and connections with friends (and future friends), here is an update on my week, the intimate and mundane. If you’d like to start a conversation with me using this post as a prompt, or really using anything you want as a prompt, please email me at pjneiger@gmail.com . Or, if you’d like to send me an anonymous message or question to respond to you can message me at pneiger.sarahah.com or www.surveymonkey.com/r/XYRDXHH. I won’t really be checking Facebook or other social media networks consistently.

I really didn’t want to do this post this morning. I knew that when I stepped on the scale I would see that I’d gained weight over the last week and that my progress photos would really be status quo photos. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m kind of in a low point when it comes to motivation. There is some good news though, I think I am handling it much better than I used to.

The social media blackout is working really well, still. I’m not as “productive” as I was previously, but I am still a bit happier and I find my time with friends and alone is more satisfying. There is something nice about walking along the beach with a friend and not checking my phone, it really is an addiction for me that is difficult to break.

With that all in mind, here is an update of the intimate and mundane from my life:

  • I didn’t finish any books this week, but I did start reading some of the massage therapy textbooks for the program I’m probably going to enter next fall. I don’t know what form that will all take, but I have a vision of opening up a center where people can die in a healthier, more peaceful way than the commercialized way we do things in the States. I’d like to have massage therapists, counselors, etc on hand that specializes in end-of-life care.
  • Wrote three blog posts:
  • Got a massage on Wednesday that was wonderful
  • Saw the Avett Brothers in Myrtle Beach over the weekend and had a great time. I am definitely old now and would rather pay extra for a seat instead of saving money and standing crushed into drunk people for four hours.
  • I met with a representative from the College of Wilmington to see if their massage therapy program would be a good match for me, I think it will be.
  • I applied for TSA Pre-Check
  • Played D&D: got blessed by some elves, leveled up, fought a Salamander, found a gnome guide
  • We hosted two awesome bike tourists on Tuesday. They are two women in their 20’s from Canada who are spending two months bike touring around the east coast

For the next week I have a handful of things on the schedule already.

  • Tomorrow (Saturday) I’m doing an overnight rucking obstacle course thing that I know almost nothing about. I just know that my gear weighs about 50 lbs, there is barbed wire involved, and it is supposed to be cold and rainy all night.
  • I’ve got another dental appointment for a filling on Thursday
  • I’m meeting with my therapist on Friday
  • Today my partner and I are meeting with a friend to have food and drinks
  • We will probably go see Black Panther on Monday

Alright, now on to my fitness progress. I don’t have any real “progress” but one of the practices that I’m trying to adopt is measuring progress even during the hard times. I shouldn’t stop just because I had a bad week and, in the grand scheme of the last two months, I am still on the right track, even if this week was rough.

Progress isn’t linear, but it does have a trend.

As a way to kind of motivate myself and recognize the progress I’ve made I took a few pictures flexing too. I wish I would have done this week’s ago to see the progress more clearly, but I’ll probably take similar pics every week along with the unflexed ones.

Alright, that’s all for this week. Hope to talk to you soon.

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Also, I wrote a book about a cross-country bicycle ride I did!
“Wandering Oak: A Rite of Passage”

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