Week 9 Update

April has started off a little hit-or-miss for me. The beginning of this week was pretty solid, I stayed on task with my plan (mostly) and got a lot accomplished. But things kind of sputtered around Wednesday. I conducted an AAR (after action review) of the days I didn’t hit my goals to evaluate what went wrong and I was able to narrow it down to really an issue of planning. I overzealously planned my days and ended up feeling defeated when I didn’t hit my goals.

One major area was planning things for when Anna is home. Her days off kind of fluctuate each week and it is really difficult for me to bunker down and focus when she is here. I can usually do it for an hour or three but my daily plans are basically shot. Sometimes the distraction is legitimate like running errands and such. Sometimes it is less so, my morning routine takes much longer with someone else in the house than when I’m alone and the morning routine really sets the mood for the day.

So, what actions can I take in the future to prevent this? I think a big one is to try and take the same day off of work as her. Another one is to be more vocal about my need for time alone to be productive. Lastly, the tasks for days she is off work should really be minimal.

The second area of planning was unrealistic fitness goals. I had the goal of running a total of 25 miles each week this month and really only got about half of it. Part of it was a lack of time, I had a massage scheduled this week, a meeting with the organization I volunteer for, an mindfulness group meeting at scheduled phone meeting with an old friend, and a final walk-thru of the house we are buying. Basically, just about every single day had a multi-hour block that was dedicated to something that wasn’t my monthly goals (more on my goals below). Additionally, I overestimated my fitness and tried to run too much too soon, which burnt me out big time.

The actions to help with this is again more realistic goals at the beginning of the week. And I’m scheduling in some time on Saturday to take care of any goals that I miss.

The goals and tracking I’m using is based in part on books like Deep Work, the 4-Hour Workweek, and a great conversation I had with a close friend 10 days ago. I have a white board with the following stuff written on it:


Weekly Goal (Week 2):

  • Gym three times this week
  • Run 20 miles
  • Study massage for three hours
  • Work 25 hours
  • Complete 56-Hour Fast
  • Finish Taxes
  • Implement Part II of 4-Hour Workweek


Monthly Goal (April):

  • Weigh 165 lbs
  • Complete 4-day fast
  • Run 100 miles (reduced to 80 miles after week 1)
  • Pay State Taxes
  • Credit Card Debt = $0
  • 12 hours of massage study


3-Month Goal (by July 1):

  • 155 lbs
  • Complete Blue Clay Breakout
  • Total Debt ~ $52,000
  • Pay two quarterly tax bills
  • Complete End-Of-Life Duola Program
  • Implement 4-Hour Workweek Completely


1-Year Goal (April 2019):

  • 15% Body Fat
  • Run a marathon
  • Student Loans ~ $27,000
  • $5,000 passive annual income
  • Complete Massage Therapy Program
  • Volunteer at hospital, hospice, VA, etc.


4-Year Goal (April 2022):

  • 10% Body Fat, ~ 170 lbs
  • Run a 100-mile trail run
  • Non-mortgage debt = $0
  • $20,000 passive annual income
  • Business plan developed for end-of-life facility


Motivation to stay financially and physically fit!

  • May 10-15 – Friend visiting!
  • May 17-21 – INELDA  in Toronto
  • May 26 – Blue Clay Breakout
  • June 22-25 – Kesha in Austin
  • July 22-28 – RAGBRAI
  • August 25 – September 3 – Iceland!
  • October – Start massage school

It can be hard to focus on the day-to-day tasks that are necessary to accomplish my goals. Keeping the goals literally in plain sight helps me with that. I definitely need to keep tinkering with my shorter term goals and allow for flexibility, but I am still optimistic that this plan can work out.

This next week I have a lot fewer things on my radar and hopefully, I can have a really solid and productive time.


Fitness-wise, I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. When I look at both the objective measurements and how I look in the mirror I really don’t see much progress over the last couple of weeks. I think part of it is recovering from a mediocre March and part of it is just a need for a rededication to the cause.

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