Where I’d Like to Work

I’m reading “Deep Work” right now and it is really making me want to build some sort of work sanctuary at my house. A place where I can truly isolate myself that is dedicated solely to writing and creating. My home office is pretty good but I use the computer in it and room for other things as well. I think I could really benefit from having a place without internet or distractions. Maybe I’ll try and build one if/when we buy a house.

Actually, I also have grander ideas. I think it would be super awesome to build some sort of working (and living?) facility that incorporates the philosophy of “Deep Work” for people who work from home. Currently, there are nine people that I know in Wilmington well enough to really call if I needed something or wanted to hang out and five of them work from home. My sample is obviously skewed because most people meet friends at work and I don’t, but I think a joint office space for business and art could be awesome.

I kind of envision it like this. It would be a fairly large building with two main rooms and a lot of smaller rooms. The first main room would be a food, drink, and relaxation area where people can talk, socialize and discuss their passion projects. This could allow for collaboration and spontaneous ideas. Who knows what would develop if architects and managers and painters and authors and entrepreneurs all hung out together in an area dedicated to deep work and creation? There would be whiteboards and paper around to record any spontaneous ideas.

The second room would be a library and study room. I imagine lots of books and journals lining the walls from current and past passion projects. There would also be computers in this room with access to the internet (maybe). Here is where people would go when they hit a technical roadblock. Deep, creative work is necessary but if you need to know facts or familiarize yourselves with someone’s theories then you need to read up on them.

Lastly, the smaller rooms. These rooms are the soul of the workspace. Each person who was part of this work environment would have a room to customize as they need. Some people may need a blank room while others have a small speaker or art on the wall. This is where deep work would happen. The rooms would be soundproof and free from distractions. Nobody would disturb someone in this room unless the building was on fire or something. No internet, no tv… just a space to work deeply, create and enter into a flow state.

Maybe it could be run as a non-profit to lower costs, but I imagine that there would need to be some sort of monthly payment on behalf of the participants (unless I become a Bitcoin Billionaire randomly). I guess it could start small and scale up. I have no idea how I would go about creating a space like this or even if it would be valuable for other people. I can’t help but wonder though…

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